You’re So White

What do white people do on Saturday night? They drink alone in front of Netflix and DM each other on Twitter. That’s how #youresowhite got started. We were teasing each other, making white jokes, then we decided it could be a fun impromptu late night tag. Before we knew it, the tag was trending high on Twitter. To be fair, the tag has trended before. But we revived it for a comedy hashtag game. Exciting stuff. I love when humor trends big.

A diverse group of tweeps, including lots of white people, got this tag rolling. It’s still trending, and of course some people have gotten upset. Hundreds of white people are now accusing liberals of launching a divisive tag, when in fact it’s uptight white cry babies who turned a light-hearted game sour. I’ll be talking about politics later, but first I want to share some of the funniest tweets:

Nothing ever goes long on social media before attracting the trolls. By trolls, I mean people with no sense of humor who get offended easily. Alt-right ogres have come out to condemn people for joking about whiteness. They say it’s a racist tag, and hypocritical. Here’s what I think: As an educator, I know we have to talk about race. When you don’t attend to difference, the status quo prevails. We’ve seen it throughout history. People on the margins have to protest to be heard. Those who enjoy the status quo should learn to take themselves less seriously.

I’ll admit, I knew this would happen. Racial tension is high now. States like Arizona are pushing bills through the pipes that will ban ethnic and racial studies, and punish schools for even mentioning race. This is a mistake. That’s one reason why, when I had a moment of doubt, I decided to go ahead and tweet this tag. We should lighten up about race sometimes. White people need to learn how to poke fun of themselves. If we ignore race, the problems will get worse.


11 thoughts on “You’re So White

  1. velopressjamie

    Ironic – and very telling – that the alt-rights are quick to call anyone with any sensitivity a snowflake, yet they’re equally hypersensitive.

    For the record, my favorite was the first one. Not often you see a good Carly Simon reference.


  2. Seth Berkowitz

    Those tweets are all funny. They poke fun at our bougie lifestyle choices, our taste in music, our lack of melanin. All fair game and fairly mild topics for mocking. I don’t Pinterest (and never used it as a verb before now), don’t like Kenny G, and I tan pretty easily, but I’m white and can easily laugh at these. What I don’t like is when people use white as an adjective to describe people who are closed minded and bigoted. Are there no funny tweets that tweek us for those stereotypes or did you exclude that to avoid controversy?


    1. That Wilder Girl Post author

      I chose 10 tweets from people I know, to illustrate why we started the tag. Some people used the tag as a more serious form of political critique, and others used it to to argue back. Of course, the alt-right jumped in and made it divisive. I didn’t quite have time to address the divisiveness fully since I’ve got a real job and a spouse, so I left it alone for now. I may come back to it later.


  3. RJ Dale

    This so great. I think the white majority has this coming after years of racial stereotypes in entertainment, advertising and the worldview in general. White Americans have to accept this country is evolving towards a kind of self awareness that many people have never been really free to do anything but be consumers. It seems to embarrass and scare many on the right, and they scream foul play at any reminder. Those on the right want to “Make America Great Again” harkening to an era of white male dominance, but then tell everyone to let the past be the past regarding slavery, Jim Crow, sexism and domestic abuse issues and reproductive rights. They say this kind of thing is somehow racist or in the least bigoted but generalizing BLM protesters as thugs, and feminists as man haters. If we want to heal as a country looking at the past and understanding what went wrong and why we do not want to repeat it is important. It means also being able to accept resentment from those who were subjugated, who are now tired and a bit angry, and responding with dialogue and humor.


  4. kelvindean

    Here’s me doing it wrong…

    I’m so white, I got pulled over by a police officer on Friday evening, and it was one of the most charming, friendly conversations I’d had all week. And it was a pretty good week.

    There’s probably a clever way to turn that around into a #youresowhite (but I’m not that clever).



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