Old Fashioned Tech in ‘Rogue One’

The old school tech in “Rogue One” seemed curious to me when I watched it. Questions kept lingering in the back of my head about how their information was stored, how much trouble the heroes went through to obtain and transmit data, etc. In a lot of ways, the entire plot wouldn’t work in today’s age–when we have to worry about hackers interfering in everything, including elections. These days, “Rogue One” happens with drones and computer nerds. No need for epic battles. Alas, not a great recipe for an action movie. Could you imagine watching someone steal Death Star plans by spending all night in front of their computer and drinking a six-pack of Red Bull? Nope. That’s more like an episode of “Big Bang Theory.” But that didn’t bother me, per se. It seemed very intentional. In fact, I liked Rogue One’s aesthetic approach much more than the all the fancy CGI and slick glamour of Episodes I, II and III.Those films were trying too hard. Disney seems to have listened to hardcore Star Wars fans, who want a rough and gritty backdrop. This article raises some of the same questions. Fun read:

Source: Why the Technology in ‘Rogue One’ Is So Old-Fashioned – The Atlantic



5 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Tech in ‘Rogue One’

  1. solvire

    I was just telling a buddy of mine that I can’t watch sci-fantasy anymore. I just pick it apart. The complete disregard of physical laws.
    When you peek under the droid’s skirt you can’t unsee


    1. jessicanexus Post author

      True. On the other hand, it seems like 90 percent of any TV show or movie takes huge liberties with reality. Not just sci-fi. I’m happy to turn my brain off for a while and just enjoy the ride.


  2. Eugene McKenzie

    Since the very first film in the series I have had one comment: interstellar travel, lightsabers, etc. And yet most of the universe’s inhabitants live in caves or mud huts and dress like medieval peasants. I won’t geek more because the incongruity has always spoiled the series for me. Thanks for listening.


    1. jessicanexus Post author

      Of course, if you think about our world, we have 3-D printers and gene manipulation, and yet lots of people worldwide still live like peasants. Not so far fetched.

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  3. Labrug

    I’ve never had a problem with it. In truth, going-old-school is a good security technique because you cannot hack a closed system, or a system that is incompatible with mainstream technology. If you want to isolate highly sensitive materials, there is nothing like clunky old storage mechanisms on outdated technology.

    In addition, if you allow for the physics and power consumption of a planet encompassing shield system, that can interfere with various forms of communication mediums, the situation of Rogue One is not that unrealistic at all.



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